Our efforts are focused on select markets where we are able to maintain a true competitive edge by delivering products and added-value services, meeting our customers' needs.


Artisan Contractor
An Artisan Contractor is one whose finished work is primarily the result of skilled manual labor.



Automotive Trades
The Automotive Trades Industry encompasses the spectrum of businesses that sell, service and repair vehicles. Automotive repair establishments may be independent garages or franchised shops that specialize in specific jobs.


Manufacturing includes those businesses engaged in the mechanical or chemical transformation of materials into new products. These businesses are usually described as plants, factories or mills and characterized by the use of power driven machines and material handling equipment.


The Habitational Industry includes apartment buildings occupied by tenants renting living space and residential condominiums. Desirable characteristics include: 25 years or newer, less than 7 stories, family-oriented and professionally managed.


Real Estate
The Commercial Real Estate Industry includes those individuals or business organizations that own premises, buildings and related structures for the principal purpose of leasing or rental. The market that we have elected includes:

  •  Retail Shopping Centers

  •  Office Buildings: Not more than 7 Stories

  •  Industrial Risks

  •  Private/Commercial Warehouse


The Food Service Industry includes a wide variety of restaurants and related businesses. The restaurants that we want, include:

  • Limited/ Non-Cooking
  • Quick Service
  • Family - Focused
  • Fine Dining

The most common businesses are small retail stores, providers of services to businesses, and individuals and professional offices. We have selected the following Retail/Service businesses to target:

  • Barber
  • Dry Cleaner
  • Food Store
  • Hardware/Home Improvement
  • Office
  • Printers and Copiers
  • Repair Shops
  • Retail Stores

Wholesale Distribution
The Wholesale Distribution Industry specializes in purchasing, warehousing, selling, and distributing of products. We are targeting the following classes of businesses:

  • Motor Vehicle Supplies, Wholesalers - New Parts
  • Office Equipment Dealers
  • Stationary & Supplies Distributors
  • Hardware Wholesalers
  • Building Service Equipment
  • Food & Food Products Distributors

Workers' Compensation
For Workers' Compensation, we are interested in writing the following industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Artisan Contractor
  • Automotive
  • Food Service
  • Hotel/Motel
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Printers
  • Retail
  • Service Providers
  • Wholesale/Distributors

Builders Risk
With broad coverages and flexible policy options, the Builders Risk Plan is the nation's leading property insurance solution for construction professionals.  The Builders Risk Plan has been designed to meet the specific needs of most residential and commercial contractors and can be customized for even the largest construction projects.


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