When it comes to your auto insurance...

Are you aware of the many money-saving auto insurance discounts and rating plans you may be eligible for?

Farmers offers three auto insurance rating plans: Premier, Preferred and Standard Rating Plans. The spectrum of these plans provides insurance coverage for almost every personal driving situation. Each rating plan has its own eligibility requirements, including citation/accident record and driving experience. If you are looking for comprehensive coverage or basic protection, we have a program to meet your needs.

Additionally, you may qualify for the following discounts.
  • Good Driver Discount 20%
  • Persistency 1-3%
  • Auto/Home Discount 18%
  • Auto/Renter Discount 10%
  • Auto/Life Discount 5%
  • Home/Life Discount 5%
  • Multiple Car Discount 18%
  • Business and Professional Group Discount
    Qualifying Groups include Accountants, Architects, Dentists, Engineers, Fire Fighter, Judges, Lawyers, Nurses, Physicians/surgeons, Scientists and Polices. (Proof of group membership and degree are required,  restrictions may apply.)

  • Inexperienced Driver Training Discount
  • Good Student Discount 25%
  • Antilock Brake Discount 5%
  • Passive Restrain Discount
  • Anti-Theft Discount
  • Senior Defensive Driver Discount

This is not a policy contract but a general description. The policy itself should be read for coverages and exclusions.

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