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Buy your auto insurance policy online or on the phone!

So, you got your car insurance quote and want to become our policyholder. Whether you buy your auto insurance policy online or on the phone, here are some useful things to know before you start your auto insurance policy purchase.

Here's what you'll need to buy your auto insurance policy.

Be sure to save your car insurance quote if you need to get the following information so that you can pick up where you left off. Your current auto insurance policy probably has most of this information on it. Your vehicle registration card or your current loan/lease papers are another good place to find a lot of this information.

Your Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs)

You can find your VIN on your vehicle registration card and on many of your current car insurance documents. You can also typically find your VIN on the driver's side dashboard inside your car.

Your auto loan or lease information

Lenders and leasing agents generally have minimum auto insurance requirements. We need their contact information so we can notify them that you've met their car insurance requirements.

Your drivers license numbers for each of the drivers you want to insure

We need drivers license numbers for everyone you want listed on your auto insurance policy.

Your Social Security Number

Your Social Security Number helps us verify the information you provide on your auto insurance policy application. Through our encryption technology and because of our strict corporate privacy policy, your Social Security Number and similar personal information are sent, stored securely, and kept for our insurance records only.

Your current car insurance information

You'll be able to find your current auto insurance policy number and expiration date, along with other important insurance information, on your current auto insurance policy's declarations page or your proof of insurance card.

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