Our Package can provide you
with many special features.

A $1,500 assessment arising from a covered peril. This can be used to pay for your share of property damage or injury awards for which your association's policy does not provide coverage. Higher limits of $10,000,`$25,000 or $50,000 are available, at extra cost.

If your condominium unit becomes unlivable due to an insured loss, we pay for those extra costs of housing, eating expenses, etc., up to applicable limit.

Coverage is also provided for accidental damage to improvements you make in your unit for which your association's policy does not provide coverage, up to $2,000 or 10 percent of your basic coverage amount. Higher limits are available.

Our Condominium Owners Package Policy also provides worldwide coverage for your personal property. (Off premises, in a secondary dwelling, coverage is limited to 10 percent of basic coverage or $1,000, whichever is greater.)


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