What is our earthquake program?

As a California home or townhouse owner, you know that earthquake risk is widespread throughout the state.

We have learned much about earthquake preparedness and safety. What must also be planned for is the cost of getting our home back into shape after an earthquake occurs.

This is where the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies can help. Farmers offers the Standard Earthquake Endorsement to meet this need.

Standard Earthquake Endorsement

Provides coverage for your home at the Coverage A-Dwelling limit provided by your residential property policy, after a 15% deductible, subject to maximums which vary by type of policy.

If the damage to your home exceeds the 15% deductible, supplemental coverage of up to $5,000 for loss to personal property, is available.

The endorsement also provides coverage for loss of use of your residence premises caused by an earthquake up to $1,500.

This coverage is available without a deductible requirement.

Optional coverage include

  • Structural Engineer's Costs and Demolition Expense Coverage

  • Reconstruction Costs Coverage


For more information please call us at 408-241-7641 or email us.

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