Coverage you need,
the options you want

Your home is perhaps your most valuable possession. You need the best coverage available - at a reasonable price. you also want the flexibility to choose your options. We offer you the best of all possible worlds. We have the expertise to get you back where you belong in the event of an unfortunate incident.

Property Coverage

Our Homeowners insurance gives you peace of mind. your house and separate structures are covered for almost every type of damage, except for common exclusion such as wear and tear, earth movement, earthquake, flood and nuclear hazard.

In addition, attached structures and wall-to-wall carpeting is covered. Separate structures on your property, other than those used for business purposes (such as a detached garage or toolshed), are covered up to 10 percent of the coverage on your house. Higher limits are available for additional premium.

Personal Property

You'll rest easy knowing that your personal possessions inside are also covered for up to 55 percent of the amount of coverage on your home. Personal property away from the premises is also covered for up to 55 percent of the amount of coverage on your house anywhere else in the world. If your personal property is at a secondary residence, such as a cabin or vacation home, you are covered up to $1000 or 10 percent of the on-premises coverage, whichever is greater. Optional higher limits are also available.


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