How renters insurance
helps cover your valuables

Imagine for a moment that you've just returned home from a long day at work to find that there has been a fire. Everything you own has been destroyed: your TV, VCR, stereo, all of your CDs, dishes, furniture and clothing.
Who will pay to replace all of your belongings?
Where will you stay until your apartment is renovated?

If the unfortunate should happen and you suffer a covered loss, our package is the answer. It will reimburse you for lost or damaged items, and if the loss makes your home uninhabitable, it will also pay the additional cost of hotel, meals, and other such related expenses.

While renters insurance can't prevent a fire or similar loss from occurring, it can help bring you back to where you were prior to the loss.

Provides coverage when your landlord doesn't

Your landlord carries insurance should a loss occur. Unfortunately, your landlord's policy probably won't cover your personal belongings for the same loss. Our package fills this gap with the coverage necessary to replace your lost or damaged items.


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